Small Gift Box

1/2 lb. Maple Cream
(2) 3-piece Maple Sugar Candies
12.5 oz Maple Syrup Glass Bottle

$25.00 + actual shipping

Medium Gift Box

9 oz. Maple Jelly
12-piece Maple Sugar Candies
12.5 oz. Maple Syrup Glass Bottle

$30.00 + actual shipping

Large Gift Box

16.9 oz. Log Cabin Maple Syrup
12-piece Maple Sugar Candies
12 oz. Bag of Maple Coffee

$35.00 + actual shipping

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-----------------------------------Holiday Boxes-----------------------------------

Sugar Oak Farms provides quality maple syrup products produced entirely in New York from 100% Grade A New York Maple Syrup. We guarentee quality in all of our products. 

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