Locate Footes Pond using these coordinates- N 43°00.103 W 73°51.412

When you reach the the pond (it may be a little hard to get back to where the pond is because you have to go over a hill), look for the cement box in the pond (see pic), toward one side of the it. Align yourself so you you would be where I was standing when I was taking the pic, with your body facing the corner of the cement block. Then turn 180 degrees. Look at the hill in front of you. You will see tree growing out of the hill that looks almost like an elephant truck (see pic). Underneath the tree, there is a small opening. Under leaves and dirt in this small hole you will find the letterbox. 

This pond is rarely visited and not many people in Ballston Spa know of it. It has an exciting history and it is cool to know about it because many others don't. If you find the box but the clues are a little off, please let me know. Thanks and have a fun time finding this letterbox.

Above: Cement box in pond.

Below: Tree on side of hill.